This Bookkeeping Diploma is accredited by the CPD. The Continuing Professional Development Institute is recognised by many professional bodies, including the Accountancy bodies. It accredits courses that have a high quality of learning and the development of career skills.


To ensure that the participant gains a strong comprehension of the introductory elements of finance, bookkeeping and the ability to use double-entry accounting in work simulated examples. The Diploma also includes training in Sage Line 50 computerised bookkeeping system and Microsoft Excel Training. This mix of skills ensures that the learner gets an optimal mix of relevant skills to work in Finance effectively.

Course Format

A tutor-led course that is held over two days, with an assessment, which can be taken at a later date if more revision and practical exercises are needed. The course is delivered by an Accountant in a Virtual Classroom online

Afterwards, you have a Microsoft Excel Training session with a virtual tutor, on an interactive training system, that can be taken at our centre or online. There is also an online Sage Line 50 Course available.

Bookkeeping Diploma

Course Content

1. Bookkeeping Training Course – 2 days

Financial Documentation and making basic accounts entries:

  • The completion of financial documents such as invoices and credit notes
  • The recording of cash and credit transactions and practical explanation of the double-entry system.
  • Posting of ledgers and relevance of T accounts
  • The preparing  and balancing of a bank reconciliation
  • What is Petty Cash

An Introduction to High-Level Accountancy

  • Making adjustments to the ledger for accruals, prepayments and closing stock etc.
  • What are journals?

The Trial Balance

  • How to prepare a trial balance by making entries to the financial system
  • Creating an extended TB with any additional journals

Balance Sheet and P&L: The Financial Statements

  • How to use the Trial Balance to create a simple Profit & Loss and Balance sheet

2. Microsoft Excel Training

Delivered by a virtual tutor, the training is delivered online. We use a Microsoft Certified Academy training system. CLICK HERE for details of the Course.

3. Computerised Accounting – Sage Line 50 Online Training

Online training course in Sage Line 50 (Computerised Bookkeeping computer programme). CLICK HERE for details of the Course.

Benefits of taking the course

  • The course delivers an excellent introduction to the principles of finance and bookkeeping and pursuing a financial career
  • It acts as a great foundation for further study or a sound grounding to start working in an accounts/finance department
  • It is beneficial to existing staff in a finance department, as it helps to develop a better comprehension of finance so that they are able to problem solves and correct errors in their daily role, rather than being limited to following procedure notes

Dates and Duration

A 2-day virtual classroom course that runs from 10:30 to 16:30. After which you have 3 months to complete your Microsoft Excel Training, in your own time. You have one year to complete the Sage Line 50 training.

Suitable for

The course can suit a variety of students and there are no set requirements. It is popular with people looking to work in Finance and also existing Finance staff looking to develop and consolidate their knowledge.


Successful completion of the course and assessment will result in CPD Certification. This will give you a recognised and well-reputed qualification to broaden your career options.