Meet Aks, an Energy Analyst who took our Bespoke Excel Course

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Advanced Bespoke Excel Training Course

Career Success in London

Meet Akshatha Veerendra, an Energy Analyst from JLL (Jones Lang Lasalle) who is working on the HSBC Account for UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Akshatha has worked in consultancy for a number of years before joining JLL as an Analyst at their office in London. She has achieved an MSc at the University of Edinburgh.

Her new role had an extensive requirement for Excel advanced functions, so her employer sent Akshatha on our Bespoke Excel Training Course, at Souters.

How did the course benefit your career?

It was my first role in which I was using Excel to analyse a large set of numbers from many different countries. Looking at all of that data can be daunting for the first time. However, the course gave a good set of advanced Excel skills and this gave me the confidence and technical expertise needed to succeed in my job. It greatly improved my output at work and I have been able to help and guide others in the team, rather than having to ask other people for help.

Do you have further career aspirations?

I would now like to pursue a career in Energy and finance and I feel that the Excel skills that I have learnt on this course have been fundamental in enabling me to pursue this career path.

What was the best attribute that you gained on the course?

All of the advanced functions and shortcuts have been most useful I am now able to use vlookups and other functions to quickly match data within databases. I now enjoy these aspects the most as I can see that they can help me succeed in my career.

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How did having a bespoke course benefit you as opposed to a normal course?

The bespoke course was designed to focus on my exact training requirements, so that I could transfer my learnings into reality at work. The course was perfectly aligned to my learning needs and the job requirements at JLL.

How has this course affected your career prospects?

This is a vital skill for anyone looking to work in Energy and finance; it gave me the expertise and confidence to move on in this career path.

Do you recommend this course?

Yes of course, this course was great. However, I like Souters and recommend training with them in all their other courses too.

In future what courses would you take?

Financial, Leadership and management courses.