ICB Level IV – Certificate in Advanced Bookkeeping

All of our courses are delivered in a classroom environment by a live tutor, who is experienced as a financial professional working in finance and accomplished trainers. Our professional training staff provide more insight and expertise to our students and ensure that they gain the most from their learning experience.

Course Overview

This is the Level IV Certificate in Advanced Bookkeeping forms the most advanced part of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers qualification. It is a fully accredited course and is taught in tutor led classes. Your Bookkeeping tutor is an experienced finance professional and trainer.

Course Format

You will attend classes with your tutor, in small groups. This will involve in detail explanation of the course material and practical exercises. All of our tutors are trained financial professional and accountants. Additional practical exercises will then be completed outside of class. The emphasis on practical exercises is important in this subject and helps with attaining exam success. The course is taken on a flexible hours basis, with tutorial timings being booked with your tutor before/during the course.

The course includes 5 classes in total.

Course Syllabus

  • Final accounts including adjustments for a limited company (internal management accounts format only)
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • Incomplete records
  • Partnership profit sharing ratios
  • Calculation and interpretation of ratios
  • Testing in a computerised accounts system for any and/or all of the above