ICB Beginners Bookkeeping Course Sampler

ICB Bookkeeping Beginners Course

All of our distance courses are supported by qualified accountants that have experience working in finance and are accomplished trainers. Our professional training staff provide more insight and expertise to our students and ensure that they gain the most from their learning experience.

Course Overview

This is a taster part of the ICB Bookkeeping qualification that will enable you to ascertain whether the course material suits you, at a reasonable price.

Course Format

The course material will be sent to you and you will receive full support from the remote tutor.

Material sent:

  • Course material
  • Exercises
  • Assignments
  • Answer Booklets

Course Content

This is a taster course that include course material, answer books, assignments and exercises/

  • Terms in bookkeeping (assets, liabilities etc.)
  • Banking procedure
  • Understanding the different categories of VAT (standard, reduced, zero, exempt, outside the scope)
  • Making and receiving payments 
  • Production and explanation of a trial balance 

ICB Bookkeeping Training London


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